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Interview: Joe Pop-O-Pie (2003/2004), Pt. 2

Posted in Interviews, San Francisco by wwyork on August 22, 2014

People have this idea that the reason why a band gets big is because of a certain thing they do, and that’s not necessarily true. The reason why a band gets big is because there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that people can’t see.

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In Part Two of this interview, Joe talks about his thoughts on the music business, his experiences watching and playing alongside the almighty Flipper, and the changes he saw in the independent music scene over the course of the 1980s. (Part One can be found here.)



Interview: Joe Pop-O-Pie (2003/2004), Pt. 1

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The Pop-O-Pies are one of the classic early ’80s San Francisco bands. In the beginning, they were (in)famous for only playing one song, the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin’.” They even recorded a song, “Pop-O-Rap,” about the fact that they only played one song (“They don’t pay you enough to really play any more,” Joe explains). But there is a lot more to the story, and you are about to read about it.


Interview: Nondor Nevai (December 2002)

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It’s like putting a Disc Doctor into a bio-computer. It activates the modem, and guess what? You fucking go online, and it’s Philip K. Dick on your ass.


This interview, which dates back to late 2002, appeared in the one-off ‘zine Night Moves (published by my friend Mike McGuirk in 2004). The intro that appears below was written for Night Moves as well. It is now woefully out of date:

Nondor (Nándor) Nevai is like a real-life version of what is sometimes known in books, movies, and plays as a “character.” Bay Area dwellers may remember him from his surprise appearance at the Stork Club in Oakland in January 2002, at the Flying Luttenbachers / Burmese / Total Shutdown show. I don’t, since I wasn’t there, but that night apparently he smoked crack in the bathroom, started a fight during the Burmese set, and generally bummed a lot of people out. He also did guest vocals for the Luttenbachers that night, which would have been the main reason he was there. [Amazingly, there is video footage of this performance for those of us who missed it the first time!]