That Was Then/This Is Yesterday

Sanity is underrated and/or overrated

Posted in Uncategorized by wwyork on May 10, 2015

Electric Eels, “Sewercide”
Danny Cohen, “Palm of My Hand”
Nondor Nevai, “Stalemate”
Culturcide, “Famous and Fucked Up”
The Three Doctors, “Phobia”
Pop-O-Pies, “I Am the Walrus”
The Frogs, “Für Z Musik Biz (10 Years to Waste)”
Flipper, “You Nought Me”
Alvarius B, “Cooking with Satan”
Fred Lane, “From the One That Cut You”
Danny Cohen, “New Mexico”
Minimal Man, “Loneliness”
Swamp Dogg, “Synthetic World”
Agents of Oblivion, “Endsmouth”
Ulver, “Nowhere/Catastrophe”
Morbus Chron, “Terminus”
Dissection, “The Somberlain”
Soilent Green, “Emptiness Found”
Gorguts, “Nostalgia”
Dødheimsgard, A Umbra Omega