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Interview: Neil Hamburger (2002)

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By the time my management and ex-wife take their cuts of the pie, there just isn’t anything left. And literally, sometimes you are paid in pie, not cash.

This interview was done in anticipation of Mr. Hamburger‘s 2002 summer tour of the United States. It was conducted via e-mail. Since much time has passed since the interview was conducted, I should note that he is currently promoting a new album, First of Dismay, which is available in every format (except CD and 8-track), and he is not touring with Canned Hamm or Pleaseeasaur this time, but with perennial opening act Mike H.



Interview: Trey Spruance (April 2002), Pt. 2

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“Thank you for giving us that advance that you used to not ever pay us another dime afterwards, because by doing that, I learned how to use the studio.”

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Left: With an all-star cast following the Zip Code Rapists’ 10th anniversary show at the Hemlock, San Francisco, 2005; Right: With *Major Entertainer* Mike H, from the same night.

In Part Two of this interview, Trey talks about SC3’s relative lack of visibility in the music press, touring with Mr. Bungle, and the differences between being on a major label with that band and running his own operation with SC3 and Web of Mimicry. (For Part One, go here.)


Interview: Trey Spruance (April 2002), Pt. 1

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What special thing are you bringing into this world that would not have been born without you…?

__7_2030  Trey Bob

Left: Trey with Jesse Quattro, Oakland, 2005; Right: With Bob Madigan (Fluff Grrl), San Francisco, 2004. 

This interview took place on April 18, 2002 in San Francisco. The Secret Chiefs’ Book M had come out the year before (on September 11, 2001, to be precise), but there was no tour to go along with it—not even a one-off Bay Area show. The next SC3 album, Book of Horizons, was still in the works and would not come out for another two years. Meanwhile, Mr. Bungle was on indefinite hiatus but had not yet officially broken up. I had also heard rumors of Trey retreating to a secluded cabin in the mountains (partly true) and working on an opera at Mills College (not true), among other things.


Interview: Aaron Turner of Isis (2003)

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For the time being, this blog is serving as an archive for a bunch of old interviews from the early-to-mid 2000s. However, it’s always nice to have a tie-in to current events, which a recent ABC News article offers in this case:

The name of the militant Islamic group ISIS is probably one of the most reviled names in the country at the moment. It is also the name of a defunct post-metal rock band with the same name that is getting “off color comments” on its Facebook page.


“It is an unfortunate situation and of course a few less than enlightened people are not seeing the distinction between an inactive band of musicians and a band of terrorists involved in current world affairs,” a representative from Ipecac, the band’s label, told ABC News.


Interview: Joe Pop-O-Pie (2003/2004), Pt. 2

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People have this idea that the reason why a band gets big is because of a certain thing they do, and that’s not necessarily true. The reason why a band gets big is because there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that people can’t see.

9-2-2005-20  9-2-2005-22

In Part Two of this interview, Joe talks about his thoughts on the music business, his experiences watching and playing alongside the almighty Flipper, and the changes he saw in the independent music scene over the course of the 1980s. (Part One can be found here.)