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Interview: John French (Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band), 2003

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[W]hen you’re involved in a cult situation like that …, you become so accustomed to your environment that when you’re out of the environment you feel foreign. I felt like I didn’t belong. I didn’t wanna be in the band, but I didn’t belong outside of it either. It was an odd place to be, psychologically.

This interview was originally conducted for a little blurb on the reunited Magic Band that was to appear in Alternative Press back in 2003. Alas, the piece got bumped (though in favor of what nonentity of a band, I’d rather not even know). In any case, it was pretty cool to be able to talk to the guy who played drums—and helped arrange much of the music—on the legendary Trout Mask Replica, among other LPs by the early incarnation(s) of Captain Beefheart’s band. Mr. French wrote extensively about his experiences in the Magic Band in the liner notes to the Grow Fins box set, which served as a jumping-off point for this interview.



Sanity is underrated and/or overrated

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Electric Eels, “Sewercide”
Danny Cohen, “Palm of My Hand”
Nondor Nevai, “Stalemate”
Culturcide, “Famous and Fucked Up”
The Three Doctors, “Phobia”
Pop-O-Pies, “I Am the Walrus”
The Frogs, “Für Z Musik Biz (10 Years to Waste)”
Flipper, “You Nought Me”
Alvarius B, “Cooking with Satan”
Fred Lane, “From the One That Cut You”
Danny Cohen, “New Mexico”
Minimal Man, “Loneliness”
Swamp Dogg, “Synthetic World”
Agents of Oblivion, “Endsmouth”
Ulver, “Nowhere/Catastrophe”
Morbus Chron, “Terminus”
Dissection, “The Somberlain”
Soilent Green, “Emptiness Found”
Gorguts, “Nostalgia”
Dødheimsgard, A Umbra Omega

Live review: 7000 Dying Rats, Covered Wagon Saloon, San Francisco (6/22/02)

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Like the Nondor Nevai interview found elsewhere on this site, this review/interview was originally published in Night Moves, a music zine with high-class literary aspirations, which lasted for one issue. I believe it was stuff like this concert review that Agony Shorthand‘s Jay Hinman had in mind when he wrote in his review of the zine, “Some of the writing is that of the preposterously stupid rock and roll innocent, out on the town for a partytime night of heavy metal and extreme blood-curdling experimental noise.” Indeed.


Interview: Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu), 2003

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In everything I do, music is there as a dialogue to my existence. And most of the people I work with, it’s the most fundamental thing in their lives. Without making it, they ain’t breathin’ anymore.

This telephone interview with the Godflesh/Jesu founder Justin Broadrick was done as background for a blink-and-you’ll-miss it spot in the dreadful Alternative Press back in 2003. At the time, Broadrick was in between Godflesh (which had broken up) and Jesu (whose first releases were still in the works). Meanwhile, Godflesh’s Messiah (recorded nearly a decade earlier) had just been re-released by Relapse, while Curse of the Golden Vampire’s second album, Mass Destruction, was on the way.


Interview: Lord Ohtu (The Three Doctors), 2002

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How popular are the Three Doctors in Venezuela?

Just as popular as they are in the United States.

After releasing two memorable albums in the mid-to-late 1990s, the Three Doctors went on hiatus for several years before reforming—on a different continent, with all-new band members—during the early 2000s. While this reunion has yet to produce much in the way of tangible results, there was a bit of excitement among the Three Doctors’ dozens of fans when word of it started getting around. Looking for the inside scoop on this story, I emailed the leader of this new incarnation of the band, Lord Ohtu, sometime near the end of 2002. It went a little like this: (more…)