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Interview: Neil Hamburger (2002)

Posted in Interviews by wwyork on November 15, 2014

By the time my management and ex-wife take their cuts of the pie, there just isn’t anything left. And literally, sometimes you are paid in pie, not cash.

This interview was done in anticipation of Mr. Hamburger‘s 2002 summer tour of the United States. It was conducted via e-mail. Since much time has passed since the interview was conducted, I should note that he is currently promoting a new album, First of Dismay, which is available in every format (except CD and 8-track), and he is not touring with Canned Hamm or Pleaseeasaur this time, but with perennial opening act Mike H.



Interview: Alan Bishop (October 2002)

Posted in Interviews by wwyork on July 31, 2014

Call me when you discover the bar code on your body and I’ll show you how to remove it.

This was an email interview conducted sometime in mid-to-late 2002, with portions of it being used in an article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian in advance of an upcoming Sun City Girls show at Bottom of the Hill. At this point, I was still on the fence about the Sun City Girls—I liked some of their recordings, but found them very hit-and-miss. (Honestly, their recordings are hit-and-miss, but I was wrong about the hit:miss ratio, which is more like 70:30 than 30:70.) Plus, I had only seen one show by them—in 2000 at the Bottom of the Hill—which was kind of tedious and unbearable. Over the course of writing and researching this article—and then seeing their amazing Bottom of the Hill show soon afterward (where I was able to purchase a copy of the elusive Horse Cock Phepner album)—I became a full-fledged convert, and that hasn’t changed since then.