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Neil Hamburger, philosopher

Posted in Uncategorized by wwyork on January 29, 2015

I’ve long believed that if you persevered at your dream long enough, it would eventually come true. But here’s a question I’ve often asked: What if someone’s talent was at something that no one was interested in? They could conceivably persevere forever and get nowhere. Sometimes I’ve felt that this sort of pointless struggle was my calling in life.

— Neil Hamburger, Left for Dead in Malaysia


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Interview: Neil Hamburger (2002)

Posted in Interviews by wwyork on November 15, 2014

By the time my management and ex-wife take their cuts of the pie, there just isn’t anything left. And literally, sometimes you are paid in pie, not cash.

This interview was done in anticipation of Mr. Hamburger‘s 2002 summer tour of the United States. It was conducted via e-mail. Since much time has passed since the interview was conducted, I should note that he is currently promoting a new album, First of Dismay, which is available in every format (except CD and 8-track), and he is not touring with Canned Hamm or Pleaseeasaur this time, but with perennial opening act Mike H.